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Lake Street Winery Wines

Lake Street Station Wines

Lake Street Station Winery Chardonnay
Lake Street Chardonnay
R.S. 0.4%

This delightful unoaked semi-dry Chardonnay is sure to be crisp and refreshing. With notes of green apple and pear, it makes a wonderful accompaniment to trout, roast chicken or other lighter fare.



Lake Street Station Winery Gewurtraminer
Lake Street Gewurztraminer
R.S. 0.2%

A bright and clean, dry white that is long in flavor, excites your senses with the spiciness of cloves and the sweet crispness of lychee. It finishes with a hint of passion fruit to enliven the passion in you. Enjoy chilled with your favorite fiery dish.




Lake Street Station Winery Hot Rod Red
Hot Rod Red
R.S. 7.1%

Don't let its rouge color fool you, Hot Rod Red is reserved but not afraid to let loose and go wild. This semi-sweet wine makes the perfect partner to everyday foods such as pizza, wings, and backyard BBQ's, or make it into a delicious Sangria.



Lake Street Station Winery Hot Rod Blush
Hot Rod Blush
R.S. 7.1%

Hot Rod Blush will certainly make you blush with its native NYS grapes (Elvira & Catawba) and semi-sweet finish. It perfectly maintains the harmony between sweet and tart flavors. Serve chilled with appetizer dishes such as olive trays or bruschetta.



Lake Street Station Winery High Test 5&20
5 & 20 High Test
R.S. 10.4%

Your engines will be sure to rev after tasting these regional concord grapes. An enjoyable sweet addition to any gathering. Beware though, it may become the life of the party. Serve chilled (sweeter), room temperature (a little less sweet) or in addition to Champagne for the ultimate High Test spritzer.



Lake Street Station Merlot
Lake Street Station Winery Hot Rod Whie
Hot Rod White
R.S. 10.7%

Made for chillin', our HRW is a light, sweet wine. It's fresh grape aroma and flavor makes it perfect for those warm summer nights. Pairs beautifully with mild cheeses and desserts.



Lake Street Station Winery Racing Riesling
5 & 20 Racing Riesling
R.S. 4.5%

This semi-sweet Riesling takes the lead and sends your taste buds drifting through flavors of fresh peach, and apple. Sweet aromas and a refreshing citrus twist make this wine thirst-quenching. Qualify at your next gathering by bringing a bottle to pair with spicy flavorful dishes of any kind. Perfect celebration at the finish-line!



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